Why to use the services of our agency?

We trust in our product. We trust in the capacity of the people we represent. Their use in the advertising will help our clients to gain a prestige and a competitive advantage in the form of an interest in the advertising message.

We work in the field since 1997. During the existence of our agency, we have installed many actors at prestigious domestic and international orders.

Good and long-term relationships with our satisfied client manifest the right direction of our activities.

In addition to casting TV commercials, the agency Talent Management Ltd. strives for helping the represented client to participate successfully in Czech and foreign film projects. As the only European agency, we provided a complete casting of the first Bollywood film which was filmed in the Czech Republic – THE ROCKSTAR.

The agency Talent Management Ltd. - The name is a trademark registered in the Commercial Register governed by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File 91,583th

Managing Director Ing. David Šíp keeps on the activity of the original agency – the physical entity: the Talent Management David Šíp, in the full extent of all rights and obligations

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Why to be represented by the agency?

  1. Because to get a contract that would be well paid and that would simultaneously treat all claims of a model is impossible without an agency or without a help of a company lawyer, who inspects the conditions and terms of the relevant contract. Information about the girls who managed to get a job is usually based on their previous collaboration with clients who have been provided by the agency.
  2. A production will usually not address an individual model, because the Agency will provide a comprehensive offer and – as a consequence - the production saves its time.
  3. Information "behind the scenes" which the Agency has at disposal, does not concern only contracts, but also the behavior of clients and photographers - their "over-standard" requirements, etc. Thanks to this, the model avoids many embarrassing situations and disappointment.
  4. The agency expects from the model the performance of her duties, but on the other hand, it also gives her an assurance of the compliance of the obligations and help in troubles.
  5. In our contracts, we guarantee you in writing the payment of fees.
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We represent the faces that you can see every day in commercials, films and series


Looking faces for your project? Register yourself and work with us!



For companies and clients

A confirmed fact is still true that the use of a suitable face is the only truly effective form of strengthening the effect of an advertising message.

If you compare the purchasing costs of "universal" photos from various photo-banks and the prize of a photo created just for you, i.e. the photo tailored to your needs and requirements, you will find that the prices are comparable. A fear of some clients of inflated prices is the result of improper public awareness of the "expensive photos from agencies" and "cheap photos from photo-banks" – because the reality tends to be exactly the opposite!

If interested in our help, offer, a casting organizing, fashion shows, or technical questions on the services provided, please contact our team.

We are able to offer you our experience and information in the form of the results of market researches that will help you in your consideration.

If you wish, after the conclusion of a contract, we shall ensure both the implementation and processing the data into a form which you will be able to use.

At this point we would like to assure all clients of the fact that the teamwork with the people who are represented by us proceeds on the professional and only working level. Claims arising out of the concluded contracts, as well as the interests and privacy of the people we are representing, are protected from our side in the collaboration with a reputable law firm.

Casting book

An offer for our clients and cooperating companies in the form of photographs sent by mail will be processed within 24 hours.

Selected models can be then used for photographing or filming commercials. In case of your interest we will offer you a suitable photographer, or arrange a production company.

With us you can see that even the most expensive projects can be implemented in a professional environment with a team of capable people at an affordable price.

How does the Talent Management work?

Our core business comprises the search and management of people and artists suitable for use in the print and TV advertising.

We proceed from our belief that it is precisely a human face which is necessary in promoting the widest possible range of services and products.

When creating forms of communication, it is also possible to take advantage of some special skills of the represented people who can inspire creative teams to new ideas.

Due to our extensive database, which includes up to the present more than 3,500 people, we would argue that we are able to accommodate virtually any conception and a client´s request.

Our experience

We present just a few examples of the companies with which, or for which we have worked.

We thank all our clients for their confidence. Photos from the filming and the film realizations are exhibited in our offices.

  • Stillking films, Filmservice productions, Blue screen productions,
  • Boogie films, Punk film,Lucky man films,Vital Productions,Etic
  • Pictures, Czech connection, Česká televizeAdwood,
  • Vodafone, Eurotel, Telefonica, T mobile, Nokia, Mc Donalds,
  • Chevrolet, Dell, Capitol One, Ravensburger, Danone, Ferrero, Tivoli,
  • Wrigley,Panasonic, Vitana,Pizza Giuseppe, Těstoviny Panzany,Diesel,
  • Quiero,Elektrolux,Vodka Stoli, Allianz,Coca Cola,HartmannBohemia
  • Chips,Interspar,Mercedes,Velvet,Credit Suisse,Philips, The Times,
  • Telefónica O2, IKEA atd.

Faces that we are represented

  • We represent models who are interchangeable with the models used in campaigns of the world brands. The advantage of our models is in lower costs for the implementation of advertising and also in the terms of implementation.
  • Among the people represented in our agency you will find not only actors, actresses and models, but also many outstanding athletes, entertainers and variety artists.
  • We also specialize in the search of amateur actors and actresses.
  • We represent people whose behavior does not lack respect, humility and decency. This seeming matter of course is often explicitly valued by our clients.

In addition to children from infants to 15 years, we represent a number of models and male-models, as well as athletes, artists, musicians, singers, dancers and stuntmen.

In our database you will find also an unusually large number of foreigners and different ethnic groups that give our clients a greater freedom in preparing and selecting the cast of advertising projects.

Our sole aim is to upgrade an advertising message by an eye-catching element in the form of an interesting man.


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What can we do for you?

  • We take advantage of the experience and contacts acquired during the existence of our company since r 1997.
  • We offer you the possibility of individual consultation and advices by the directing your career.
  • In cooperation with our affiliate accounting company ASA Ltd., we will help you in providing accounting services relating to fees and royalties.
  • In collaboration with the prestigious law office, we will arrange the vindication of your legitimate rights and interests in the territory of the Czech Republic.
  • We offer and require a written contract for each contract.
  • We insist on the fact that you have the authorization for other use of your photos, i.e. that your photos can be further copied and published. We must respect the respective provisions of the Copyright Act.
  • For selected individuals for which it is assumed that such a step would make sense and will help in selecting lucrative contracts to both the model and the agency, we can offer the mediation of a photo-book – i.e. a set of professional photos with the aim of a complete presentation - everything is done "on key "including an experienced make-up artist.
  • In case you are contacting us because you are interested in the cooperation and request to be represented by our company, the following should be observed:

    • You must be communicative and possess the necessary dose of self-confidence - during the first meeting with us at the agency, you will be required to perform some dramatic events, which will be determined by ourselves.
    • You must have something to offer - your appearance, skill, a detail on your person which captures the attention.
    • You must have a signed agreement with us under which we are able to represent you and pertinently in cooperation with the law office to defend your legitimate interests.
    • You must possess presentation photos - either your owns, completed with the author's consent, or photographs from our studio.
    • You must meet deadlines of castings and filming.
    • Given that the participation in the casting or filming means an absence from the school, we require for boys and girls under18 years without exception the consent of parents – legal representants.

    We are the agency that since 1997 casts children and adults in TV commercials, movies and video clips.

    We are trying to find new children's talents through personal meetings, or searching for children in schools and nurseries.

    In the event that your child received at school an invitation from our staff, we recommend you to observe the following best practices:

    • Go through our websites. You will find there information about our agency: extract from the Commercial Register, trade certificates. These data can be verified on the Justice.cz. In addition, there is also a detailed description of the collaboration with our agency.
    • The cooperation with our agency is always associated with castings and filming, which take place in Prague. If you decide to cooperate, consider your time availability. A child will receive our invitation on the basis of the appearance, the first impression. If we select the child, it does not automatically mean that you will see the child next week in the TV advertising. Already at the first meeting, we require from the children to perform something. This is an improvisation. Therefore, it is not necessary to make any preparation. Thus you will save both your and our time. The sending your child for a screen test is meaningful only if the child is not afraid, blushed in a strange environment and in front of strangers. It is an advantage if the child has practical experience of performing in public.
    • The first meeting in our agency takes about 30 min. At the first meeting, a presence of the parents - legal guardians is required. For all other appointments or castings, the child can be accompanied for example by a grandmother or one of the parents.
    • For an appointment call 222 524 646.

    We work Monday to Friday from 10 to 18 hours. The meetings are appointed on weekdays always in the afternoon.

    We underline that already at the first meeting we shall require from your child to perform something - a task that has already appeared during the screen test. It can be for example a basic emotion – for example the expression of a joy of something like this. You as the parents are certainly in situ, and see -together with us - if your child goes well.

    The terms of appointments must be arranged on a specific day and hour at least one week in advance. We'll make time for you. It makes no sense to come about half an hour in advance. If you arrange an appointment, we ask you for the punctuality. Information and appointments – telephone number 222 524 646

    Authorization of children's activities

    According to a decree of the Ministry of Labour of the Czech Republic, the provision of an "authorization" is required for the children under 15 years. The text of the authorization will be given to you in our office. Without this authorization the children may not film or work in other way.

    In our agency you can get pre-filled forms. We are trying to help you to save your time. Thus, it is sufficient the take the pre-filled form to the pediatrician to get there a stamp, and present the form at the registry of the Labour Office.

    Each agency may decide whether to address the issue of the "authorization" to such an extent as we do and to respect the applicable law.

    For those of you who are interested in the matter, we attach the "law" in its full text which was sent to us from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Prague.

    We would like to answer your every question individually, but they complement and overlap each other.

    We emphasize that we send the confirmation of the filming date always in the form of SMS and to selected people only.

    How many castings there are in a year (in a month, during the holidays, etc.)

    Answer: We never know in advance which of the planned projects will be "followed through" the shooting phase. The number of castings does not depend upon us, but on the decision and courage of clients who order and pay the filming. There are some castings, whose specification comes into our agency, which we do not fill by the people represented by us. The reason may be a very low fee offered, a dubious or not locatable origin of the production which organizes the casting, or bad experiences with the production that does not take care of the payment of relevant royalties after the filming.

    Can you guarantee that I shall be selected?

    Answer: No, we cannot, because it depends on a number of factors that we cannot affect, among other things, how you will present yourself on screen tests.

    Do you have statistics on how many children and adults will be selected?

    Answer: This very frequent question overruns the situation. The question should be properly formulated "how many were selected" because the statistics can only record the action that took place.

    When we shall be selected, are we obliged to attend the filming?

    Answer: Yes, because before each filming it is necessary to provide the location, equipment, people who operate the equipment. Without you, the greater part of them will just sit unnecessarily. And such a delay costs a lot of money.

    When I receive an invitation to the casting, am I obliged to go there?

    Answer: If the term for some reasons does not fit to you, just send SMS with the message that you cannot come. The situation is different as far as the participation in costume rehearsals and filming is concerned. These must be attended.


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